I’m farmer, artist, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

I taught myself to draw in the early 2000’s and then chose to put art to one side for a few years to raise our children and grow our business.  In 2016 I finally created a studio for myself and I am now drawing and painting on a regular basis.

My current mission is to teach myself to paint and further develop my drawing skills.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but the most important thing is that I sure am enjoying the journey …and if people like what I am doing and want to buy some of those pieces it’s a bonus!


I have always lived on a farm and find myself mainly wanting to paint and draw the images I see around me every day; my farm, my animals, my backyard, my memories, my life …and especially my cows!


What do I love about art and being an artist?  I love the magic of art ...the “smoke and mirrors”  …the way that an artist tries to fool the viewers eye into recognising and seeing just by putting areas of light and areas of dark onto paper or canvas. 

I also love learning different techniques to enhance what I create, it’s like learning little bits of magic or finding another piece to a giant jigsaw puzzle you are putting together.


If you see anything you would like to buy on the For Sale pages or are interested in having a commission done then let me know. 


  • 1st solo exhibition coming in October 2018 at The Arts Village in Rotorua

  • ​The 200 Show, Rotorua, Dec 2017

  • Winner of The Arts Village 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Oct 2017

  • The 200 Show, Rotorua, Dec  2016

  • Winner of the Local Award, South Waikato Artfest, Oct 2001

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